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The ABC of SEO positioning for your website

SEO is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in the results list of Google, Bing, explorer or other internet search engines. It can represent success in conversions and reputation for a company, since the website is one of the most important channels of contact and communication with customers, as well as a tool to attract prospects.

SEO is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website

SEO is often confused with CEO, however they are completely different concepts. As for the first term, its acronym translates Search Engine Optimization, which deals with the positioning of the web page, being located in the first positions of the search engines, favoring those interested in the company. On the contrary, CEO translates to position within an organization.

Imagen el abc del posicionamiento SEO para tu pagina web

When a user performs a search of their interest, the visible results are classified as organic search, a digital marketing strategy that demonstrates the importance of web positioning as a key to reaching more people interested in your organization’s products or services.

Advantages of organic search for your web portal

In order to structure a web page based on organic search, it is relevant to know that it increases brand awareness through blogs, tweets, content updates and others, without using payment methods. This strategy is effective because once your portal is positioned, it will not be removed, a situation that presents greater possibilities by opting for SEM.

Unlike paid marketing, these contents reflect the efforts and knowledge of companies to implement attractive themes for their audiences, increasing traffic to your website. In fact, SEO generates more than 1,000% more traffic than organic social networks, being an essential means for the visibility of organizations.

SEO generates more than 1,000% more traffic than organic social networks

Imagen Posicionamiento SEO para tu sitio web

Key points to optimize the positioning of your website

It is essential to understand that SEO is divided into 2 branches:

1. SEO on-page: It refers to the actions carried out by the company within the website, focusing on two important aspects: technical and semantic. When we talk about the technical, we refer to:

  • The speed of the page, having an ideal loading time of 2.5 seconds so that the user experience is good.

  • Security,  is a permission paid to Google to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the page. It is commonly identified by having an https payload, otherwise the site is not officially registered with the browser with this feature.

  • Tracking and indexing, is a tool that allows the search engine to track what the company wants the user to see, that is, the route and the urls that your website has, this is achieved with the Sitemap.xml code.

    Compared to Robot.txt, which is responsible for preventing the visibility of what the organization does not want to be suitable for the public, such as logins or user registrations.

While the semantic alludes to:

  • Quality content: Having original and attractive content for the audience will increase its reach, generating visibility, recognition and a connection. 
Imagen Posicionamiento SEO para tu sitio web
  • Optimized images: This semantic feature is important because it will be responsible for capturing the attention of users, they add value and help digest the information of interest.

  • Use of keywords: It refers to the intention of the audience to find what they are looking for, that is why it is important to know the target audience and add the keywords correctly, specifically and simply.

  • Good structure of the HTML tags: This feature goes hand in hand with the keywords and refers to the titles (meta title, H1), subtitles (H2) and the description (meta description) of the contents. It is essential to have at least 3 keywords on the website to make your search easier.

2. SEO off-page: These are the actions that are carried out outside the website in order to optimize it in search engines. At this point, the organization has contact with external portals, focuses on public relations and recognition for the redirection to our website, being important the trust placed not only in customers but also in other pages, thus recommending the user to visit our site. 

Along the same lines, the use of social networks and the implementation of Link Building strategies are taken into account. The SEO technique helps you gain the necessary authority to improve your visibility on search engines.

The SEO technique helps you gain the necessary authority to improve your visibility on search engines.

At Imaginario we are experts in content marketing and SEO positioning, for this reason we provide support to pages and clients interested in improving their website, through an intensive search for keywords, blog creation and content that help to have greater visibility, both in search engines and with their customers.

The more recognized a website is, the more valuable its content is, therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of SEO and its implementation as a help for companies. At Imaginario we help you build authority and trust, key factors for this process.

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