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There is up to 73% effectiveness in sales in businesses that carry out initiatives through their social networks.

Social networks are gaining more and more strength as the ideal channel to interact and build customer loyalty, in addition to bringing benefits such as consolidating the purchase intention, facilitating the dissemination of important messages, strengthening the brand and increasing traffic to other channels.

What we will achieve together

We will develop a grid and a content plan for your brand, seeking to reach new audiences.

We will implement organic and paid strategies to position your products and services. (SEO and SEM)

We will execute a multichannel strategy that allows you to integrate your digital ecosystem.

We will create personalized content, designed for each channel.

We will create stories and commercial content that will generate sales opportunities and engagement.

We will implement results measurement and analysis systems to optimize efforts and budgets.

We will automate the operation of your messages and interactions, through timely digital experiences.

We will manage messages, comments and mentions, to ensure engagement and loyalty.

Meet some of our


Logo Axxis

We carried out an SEO and SEM marketing strategy that resulted in 80% nurturing of leads for the company, increasing the chances of sales and relationships with new prospects and customers.

Logo Caballito de Acero

We covered the publisher’s participation in FILBO 2022, where each of the talks was broadcast via streaming and the best moments were reported, such as launches, book signings, award ceremonies, among others.

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