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8 out of 10 managers make the right decisions thanks to real data from their organization.

From Insights, qualitative and quantitative, correct decisions can be made to achieve objectives and goals. For this reason, constant measurement and having an appropriate corporate diagnosis allows you to take action in time and establish initiatives to improve communication, service and user experience, key processes for sales and customer loyalty.

What we will achieve together

We will measure the impact of communication

We will identify good communication practices

We will identify the ROI of communication initiatives

We will measure campaigns, channels and actions to propose opportunities for improvement

We will implement diagnoses to understand and analyze the current state of the organization in communication and organizational climate

We will implement focus Group, to get to know your clients better

Raise communication KPIs

Prepare a benchmarking study to identify opportunities and differentials

We will carry out digital surveys

We will conduct in-depth interviews

Meet some of our


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At BPO we contemplate different areas of the work environment, the processes that are carried out daily and the relationship between peers and leaders, through a multiple choice survey that achieved an effective measurement of the company’s work environment.

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We established the state of engagement of the company’s internal communication channels for its business units in Colombia, Chile and Peru, through qualitative and quantitative tools that served as the basis for building a strategic communication plan and the renewal of its channels.

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