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Increase your company’s productivity by 25% through communication strategies.

Currently it is essential to have a communication strategy according to the needs of your business.

At IMO we support you to establish relationships between audiences, channels and messages, promoting the growth and transformation of your organization.

What we will achieve together

We will carry out the strategic communication plan for your organization.

We will create adequate communication channels for your team.

We will implement methodologies for communication and engagement spaces.

We will apply communication tools to improve processes and connect teams.

You will know the perception of customer service. This is how we will identify your differential value proposition.

We will do research and content development to nurture your digital channels.

We will develop corporate campaigns to achieve your goals.

We will develop communication policies according to the core and strategy of your business.

You will receive advice on the development and application of corporate branding.

We will plan communication for times of crisis.

Meet some of our



With the aim of creating a spontaneous culture around time management for the well-being and productivity of the collaborator, we created an email marketing campaign with dynamic content supported in different formats, based on four main themes: time management, planning, self-management and effective meetings.

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We designed an employee experience kit as part of a socialization and appropriation campaign of the corporate strategy for nearly 500 employees. With this initiative, we innovate in the way of including collaborators in the strategic platform and in the means to communicate it.

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