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The mission of the internal communication area

Each company has different audiences with which it must relate and maintain an assertive flow of information according to the objectives with each one of them. This includes customers, suppliers and state agencies, among many others; but also the group of collaborators that ensures that each process is carried out effectively. In this line, internal communication appears as a fundamental requirement in the strategic vision of any company.

Why create an internal communication department in your organization?

Organizations are always looking for new communication mechanisms that allow them to achieve their goals and purpose. This is how the internal communication area evolves from the operational to the strategic to generate true value for the organization and its stakeholders.

Through the internal communication area, an effective integration between the collaborators is achieved and timely clarity is given to their functions, as well as an alignment of each of the work teams with the corporate objectives, making the mission known and put into practice, vision and organizational culture.

Why is internal communication a strategic dimension of a company?

Having an effective and correct flow of information within any company achieves an important relationship and retention of human talent, as well as a consolidation and appropriation of the corporate culture. All of this will result in a positive impact on audiences outside the company such as customers, suppliers and the business community in general.

However, a strengthened internal communication plan goes beyond transmitting information through the channels provided for it. These are some points that must be taken into account when establishing communication within an organization:

  1. Communication objectives: According to the company’s strategic planning, internal communication establishes mechanisms to integrate processes, people, key messages and makes information flow for timely decision-making at strategic, tactical and operational levels. of the organization.

  2. Communication strategies: Once the objectives have been defined, internal communication manages the organization’s audiences and the channels through strategies to achieve them. At this point it is key to understand that the organization is made up of several generations, which use different communication channels. It is also important to validate operating spaces, geographical coverage, alignment with parent company or group policies, among other factors that will allow greater proximity and alignment with the objectives of the organization.

  3. Communication initiatives: These are activities such as campaigns, activations, interventions, designed for each segment of the organization; through these we make the strategy tangible through the transmission of key messages in previously defined channels. Creativity and innovation play a key role for these messages to achieve their goal.

  4. Integration of communication: Knowing the processes and initiatives of other areas will allow generating a plan that implies a single effort oriented by common objectives. For this reason, internal communication must generate spaces that allow these initiatives to be consolidated through a strategic communication plan. In addition, important aspects such as organizational culture, digital transformation, change management, innovation and well-being are dimensions in which communication generates a high impact, which is why it is also in high demand.

Having an internal communication plan with a strategic perspective and with the points adapted to the needs of each company, and which also covers all areas, functions and corporate objectives, will allow any company to achieve its goals quickly and effectively, since what happens inside your work teams will undoubtedly have an impact on your productivity abroad.

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