Our team, meet us

Mauricio Alvarez

Mauricio Álvarez

The Transformer

Mauricio is the ideal gear in all Imaginario’s processes.  He is a person who achieves what he proposes and connects very well with clients, understands their needs with his passionate, curious, enterprising, demanding and accurate character; Mauro is constantly learning to always propose creative and innovative strategies, with 17 years of experience in strategic communication issues has contributed to the development of communication in Colombia, he is a Social and Graphic Communicator, candidate for a Master in Creativity and Innovation and a Master in Business Administration MBA.

Oscar Lopez

Oscar López

The Magician

He is a curious professional, who investigates and always looks for ways to move projects forward; he is characterized by his empathy and responsibility. He knows Imaginario very well, as he has been working in the agency for more than seven years. Oscar manages to connect teams, minds and hearts with his creativity and recursion, being a Graphic Designer and Specialist in Design Management.

Maria Camila Benavidez

María Camila Benavides

The Knowledge Explorer

Camila is a person who dares to take on great challenges, is passionate about her work and loves to contribute to change. Cami is authentic and inspires others to explore new ways of telling stories. She is a Social Communicator and through her she manages to develop innovative strategies to connect with clients. Her good energy and attitude positively impact the agency’s processes.

Maria del Pilar

María del Pilar

The maker of opportunities

María del Pilar, is the jacket that IMO has for the search for each of its clients, since she has excellent qualities such as good service, agility and empathy, which are fundamental characteristics when closing each of the businesses.  Publicist, from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and specialist in Marketing Management, Pili, she is a creator and has the greatest virtue of her to provide solutions to each client at the right time.

Diego Guerrero

Diego Guerrero

The creator

An organized person at every moment of the day, who structures their times and plans the use of each of its elements to obtain results. This is Diego, a professional in Graphic Design with an emphasis on Editorial Design from the School of Arts and Letters, he is one of the Coordinators of the design team, who always correctly executes each of his tasks, allowing to work in an organized way at IMO.


Sergio Quintero

The dreamer

In his head only dreams that he embodies through design revolve, conceptualizing words into images that allow us to impact with new visual forms of communication to all our clients. Creative when developing new proposals and agile at the time of each process. Sergi, as everyone at IMO knows him, is an organized, disciplined professional who is always focused on obtaining the best possible results.

Maria Alejandra Caicedo

María Alejandra Caicedo

The Digital Guardian

Aleja, through her nobility and passion for all digital issues, positively impacts each of the challenges that are presented to her every day. She has the ability to develop ideas that are assertively positioned on the social networks of each of IMO’s clients. Professional in Marketing and Advertising, specializing in Digital Communication, Maleja, is a sweet person, with love and who expresses her talent in a magical way in each project, allowing to generate trust in each of her colleagues.

Jeisson Mejia

Jeisson Mejía

The innovator

He is a person who seeks to have a positive impact at all times, always seeking to generate new forms of communication, which allow a positive impact on each of the agency’s goals. Passionate when it comes to facing new challenges, Jei is a professional in Social Communication and Journalism, and a specialist in Digital Communication, lover of photography, audiovisual production and technological geek.

This is how we work

We identify


We identify your needs and define objectives.

We co-create


We design strategies that adapt to the need and target audience.

We propose

Communication tools

We segment and identify media that allow us to approach the target audience.

We conceptualize


A concept that generates adherence to the idea to be communicated and the client’s objective.

We set


We establish budgets for the implementation and development of initiatives.




We optimize products, tools and people to generate high impact results.



We identify and establish short, medium and long term goals.

We measure

the service


The customer evaluates our service.

We always want a

Happy customer

We are experts in what we do.

Are you ready to talk about your project?

We would like to meet you, and you to get to know us, We are sure that we can support you in the creation and execution of the strategies that will make your company successful.

La Guardiana Digital

Aleja, a través de su nobleza y pasión por todos los temas digitales, impacta de manera positiva cada uno de los retos que se le presentan cada día. Cuenta con la capacidad de desarrollar ideas que se posicionan de manera asertiva en las redes sociales de cada uno de los clientes de IMO. Profesional en Mercadeo y Publicidad, con especialización en Comunicación Digital, Maleja, es una persona dulce, con amor y que expresa en cada proyecto su talento de forma mágica, permitiendo generar confianza en cada uno de sus compañeros.

El innovador

Es una persona que busca impactar de manera positiva en todo momento, siempre buscando generar nuevas formas de comunicación, que permitan impactar de forma positiva cada una de las metas de la agencia. Apasionado a la hora de encarar nuevos retos y desafíos, Jei, es profesional en Comunicación Social y Periodismo, y especialista en Comunicación Digital, amante de la fotografía, de la producción audiovisual y geek tecnológico.

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