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Our team, meet us

Mauricio Alvarez

Mauricio √Ālvarez

The Transformer

Mauricio is the ideal gear in all Imaginario’s processes.¬† He is a person who achieves what he proposes and connects very well with clients, understands their needs with his passionate, curious, enterprising, demanding and accurate character; Mauro is constantly learning to always propose creative and innovative strategies, with 17 years of experience in strategic communication issues has contributed to the development of communication in Colombia, he is a Social and Graphic Communicator, candidate for a Master in Creativity and Innovation and a Master in Business Administration MBA.

Oscar Lopez

Oscar López

The Magician

He is a curious professional, who investigates and always looks for ways to move projects forward; he is characterized by his empathy and responsibility. He knows Imaginario very well, as he has been working in the agency for more than seven years. Oscar manages to connect teams, minds and hearts with his creativity and recursion, being a Graphic Designer and Specialist in Design Management.

Maria Camila Medina

María Camila Medina

The Porposeful

She’s full of energy and positivity. In the face of challenges, she tackles the head on and proposing new and creative proposals which complement the achivement of important goals. Furthermore, she’s a ‘teamplayer’ and is keen on learning. She’s a social comicator, marketer and market expert, as well as digital marketing expert. Always smiling and looking to spread this happiness to all areas of her work enviroment.

Jeisson Mejia

Jeisson Mejía

The innovator

He is a person who seeks to have a positive impact at all times, always seeking to generate new forms of communication, which allow a positive impact on each of the agency’s goals. Passionate when it comes to facing new challenges, Jei is a professional in Social Communication and Journalism, and a specialist in Digital Communication, lover of photography, audiovisual production and technological geek.

Diego Guerrero

Diego Guerrero

The creator

An organized person at every moment of the day, who structures their times and plans the use of each of its elements to obtain results. This is Diego, a professional in Graphic Design with an emphasis on Editorial Design from the School of Arts and Letters, he is one of the Coordinators of the design team, who always correctly executes each of his tasks, allowing to work in an organized way at IMO.

Paula Carmona

Paula Carmona

The detailist

A graphic comunicator with a creative mind, always up to date with trends. Passionate about U.I design with planning skills that enhance the designing process in the agency. She’s keen on self-learning as well as teamwork, and in addition, is meticulous with the results of each and every product.

Harrinson Herrera

Harrinson Herrera

The negotiator

Harry, as the proud man of where he comes from, is extremely talkative and has great wisdom about different topics. He’s big on knowing new people, teamwork and all about customer service. Has strong relationships with co-workers and clients alike, which makes him a great asset for his department. He’s a commercial coordinator and international negotiator, specializes in marketing.

Vannesa Aguirre

Vannesa Aguirre

The promoter

Vannessa was born to enhance organizations’ growth, given that she’s always on service, passionate for the commercial area and willing to train new clients so companies can walk on their own two feet. As an administrator has 10 years of experience on admiistrative and commercial processes as well as sales. An incredible dreamer with extraordinary ideas

Angelica Moncada

Angélica Moncada

The facilitator

A very great listener and, not only that, tends to understand the needs and wants of her team. With empathy and outstanding lidership skills, administrative processes are carried out in time by her command.
She’s an administrative and human resources professional, with experience in inner comunication and well-being. A person in search of reflecting her work on the strategic processes, and thus making the company grow.

This is how we work

We identify


We identify your needs and define objectives.

We co-create


We design strategies that adapt to the need and target audience.

We propose

Communication tools

We segment and identify media that allow us to approach the target audience.

We conceptualize


A concept that generates adherence to the idea to be communicated and the client’s objective.

We set


We establish budgets for the implementation and development of initiatives.




We optimize products, tools and people to generate high impact results.



We identify and establish short, medium and long term goals.

We measure

the service


The customer evaluates our service.

We always want a

Happy customer

We are experts in what we do.

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