Collective Imaginary

84% of employees would consider leaving their current position if a company with an excellent reputation offered them a job.

Employer branding becomes a fundamental strategy for attracting and retaining the human talent that each company requires. In this line, measuring, promoting and improving a company's reputation is vital for an effective recruitment strategy.

What we will achieve together

Promesa de valor.

Identificamos conceptos claves para establecer la promesa de valor hacia tus colaboradores.

Campañas institucionales.

Desarrollamos las campañas institucionales para fortalecer tu Marca Empleador.

Plataforma estratégica.

Posicionamos la plataforma estratégica de tu organización: propósito, visión, misión, objetivos y valores.

We will design your employee's experience.

We will establish behavioral actions for decision making of the teams that are part of the employee's experience.

Cuéntanos tus expectativas.

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Success Stories


We design the employee experience from the identification of the key moments of each stage, strengthening processes such as: Selection, training and welfare. In addition, we create initiatives to generate engagement in each employee of Banco Agrario.

Únete a nuestra lista de casos de éxito y haz crecer tu negocio.

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Ecodiesel Colombia s.a.

We developed an innovative tool that integrated the value offer to the employee through differential and practical elements that served as a pillar for the induction and re-induction of Ecodiesel's collaborators, with which they also dynamically appropriated the strategic platform and the organization's objectives.



Creemos en el poder de la comunicación corporativa, el mercadeo estratégico y el endomarketing, para crear engagement como mecanismo de posicionamiento y fidelización.

Descubre el poder de la comunicación integrada.

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