Collective Imaginary

A motivated team can be up to 86% more creative and 43% more productive.

This is why endomarketing appears as a strategic axis that seeks to connect the employee with the organization, its mission, vision, values and way of working. This results in a more favorable and productive work environment, since the understanding and appropriation of the culture leverages the achievement of objectives.

What we will achieve together

Desarrollamos la propuesta de valor y tu Marca Empleador bajo un concepto creativo.

Generamos toda una propuesta de comunicación que apoye iniciativas de gestión del cambio y cultura organizacional.

Creamos y definimos una comunicación de valores y competencias organizacionales.

We will communicate your organization's strategy at the tactical and operational levels.

We will plan the internal launching of products and services, so that your collaborators know every detail.

We will create unique corporate induction and re-induction experiences.

We will support the communication of performance management programs.

We will identify and train brand representatives.

We will promote the sense of belonging and the strategic platform of the organization.

We will create an employee experience strategy (internal brand experience).

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Success Stories


We design the employee experience from the identification of the key moments of each stage, strengthening processes such as: Selection, training and welfare. In addition, we create initiatives to generate engagement in each employee of Banco Agrario.

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Ecodiesel Colombia s.a.

We developed an innovative tool that integrated the value offer to the employee through differential and practical elements that served as a pillar for the induction and re-induction of Ecodiesel's collaborators, with which they also dynamically appropriated the strategic platform and the organization's objectives.



Creemos en el poder de la comunicación corporativa, el mercadeo estratégico y el endomarketing, para crear engagement como mecanismo de posicionamiento y fidelización.

Descubre el poder de la comunicación integrada.

Mitos y Verdades del Endomarketing - Imaginario

Mitos y verdades del endomarketing

El endomarketing es una técnica de mercadeo aplicada al interior de las organizaciones para mantener a los colaboradores conectados con la marca y su propuesta de valor.

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Internal Social Networking Tool

Implementing a 

Internal Social Network

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